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 Living Magic Retreat 

 August 2019 

 Los Angeles 

This is PERFECT for the purpose-driven woman, if you want:
❤️ To accomplish your dreams and goals without sacrificing your happiness & freedom
❤️ To bring love and passion back into your life, relationships and business
❤️ To develop confidence in your intuition and learn how to use it as a gps so that you stop getting stuck         and frustrated
❤️ A crystal clear M.A.P. so that you know exactly what your soul is wanting you to create, how to best           use your gifts, and who you’re best designed to serve
❤️ The magical method of planning your next moves so that they are driven by excitement instead of               “thinking” (this is GOLD!)
If this speaks to you, then here’s our invitation:
Join us at our magical and immersive “Living Magic” retreat!
Spend 3 days diving-deep with us, playing full out, and allow us to support you in embodying your inner-magic so that you can finally reclaim your divine feminine essence, reignite your fire, and align your dreams with your soul’s purpose.
And because this retreat is all about creating REAL-LIFE results, you won’t just leave with “ideas” on how to create a more WEALTHY life for yourself...
You’ll ACTUALLY walk away with:
💎 Reignited sense of PASSION and aliveness so that you can be your highest self in your life, work and         relationships
💎 A crystal clear map on how to live your life from moment to moment for the most success and fulfillment
💎 Unshakeable confidence to be your fullest, divine self without ever having to compromise yourself again
💎 A magical “tool” that you will forever use to plan your next steps (never get stuck again!)
💎 Your soul’s unique “blueprint” so that you know exactly who you’re designed to serve, what you’re             meant to create, and how to effortlessly manifest your dreams
💎 Everything you need to truly live a life of magic and shine your brightest!
Our clients regularly create quantum leaps in their lives, relationships and businesses— because our devotion is to serving your highest good by providing you with the transformation, healing and resources that you need to live your destiny now!
Join David Lion & Aveyah at the Living Magic retreat and make the decision to live a life where you truly can have it all.
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