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Claim Your Queendom

3 to 9 Month Private 1-on-1 Mentoring

Queen, I see you...

You are fully devoted to your greatest self.

You can FEEL the next level of your SHINE and POTENTIAL calling you forth in ALL the ways. 

You've taken courses, joined workshops, attended retreats, but you're not experiencing the EXPONENTIAL growth you are CRAVING & SO READY for.

You KNOW there's a NEW YOU and a NEW LIFE that awaits beyond your current edges. 

Trust me, I know the feeling...

You are standing at a pivotal crossroads. 

This is when mentorship can make ALL the difference in moving in the direction of your highest inspirations with EASE and FLOW.

Imagine having a personal genie in your pocket, readily available to support you whenever you hit a "bump" in the road. Someone who is deeply invested in your growth and who will stand for your greatness no matter what, lovingly calling you forth whilst guiding you through your blindspots so you never have to stay "stuck".

If you're HERE, it's because you're ready for a QUANTUM leap into the next phase of your evolution...

This is it, babe. 

The prerequisites?
Openness, playfulness, self-honesty and...
A whole lot of COURAGE!  

Each mentorship container is custom tailored to your greatest desires, and ESPECIALLY to what's possible even BEYOND them. 

Because Life is always ready to OVERDELIVER when we courageously & relentlessly say YES to ourselves. 

Oprah said it best...

"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" 

Are You Ready?


What these Goddesses have to say...


"I am still feeling the ripples of my session with Aveyah. I’m so grateful for the intuitive pull I received to work with her for a 1:1 session.


I felt so seen, safe, and held during the session. Aveyah has an amazing way of speaking directly to your heart and to your spirit.


I felt she was so balanced in her approach, I felt very grounded and embodied through the process while feeling the high frequency transmission she was bringing through.


Aveyah is so gentle, nurturing, and truly holds the space with such authenticity. I’m very grateful for my time with her.


She guided the session powerfully and helped me tune into key insights I’m integrating on my path.


I spend a lot of time holding space for others, and it felt so good to be held by Aveyah.


I very much trust her energy!"

-Tara Tigress



"My session with Aveyah felt like an uplifting, love-filled, healing hug.


She is so embodied in what she teaches and shares, deeply intuitive, and I felt truly held in her presence.


Through her guidance I was able to make peace with some difficult experiences and free up energy to move forward in a more empowered and clear way. The whole session felt so grounded and easeful to integrate while also being really profound.


I could not recommend working with this sweet, courageous, gifted human more.


Thank you Aveyah for sharing your love with the world!"

-Sophi Perkins


"Aveyah's presence is truly magnetic. She is warm, inviting, and I could sense that her capacity to hold space is immense. Before I knew it, I was sharing some of my darkest fears. Aveyah listened to every word; she gave me room to talk, to reflect, to breathe, and to feel. She asked questions that made me dig deeper and deeper.


The way that Aveyah responded to my thoughts showed such deep care, empathy and compassion - I felt like she had been a lifelong friend. She showed me how to receive myself as I am, and how to invite in the me that I have the potential to be, how to be there for myself with courage and compassion.


Through the session, Aveyah gave me a few new tools, analogies and techniques that we practiced and that I can now use on my own.


I cried, she listened and held space, we giggled, we laughed, and I received much more than I ever expected. 


Thank you so much, Aveyah. I'm excited for my work ahead in my healing, and growth, and evolution. You know I'll be reaching out to you again.


With love and gratitude"

-Bindiya H.

Bindiya profile 2021 -2.png


"Aveyah is the sweetest soul and I was able to work through some heavy emotions with her.


She was able to not just dictate or educate me, but rather guide me to realizations that were already resonant with my inner being.

Thank you, Aveyah!"

-Remsha Naz



"My session with Aveyah was a truly magical experience.


I‘m amazed by her natural way to connect and her genuine interest in me, my world and way of being will stay with me. It’s wonderful to feel deeply seen and appreciated. 


Aveyah is a true master of leadership, playfulness and grace. I loved the way she both lead the session and process and followed my lead when it comes to my inner world. 

Happy to work with you any time and can’t wait for our next moment of sitting together, being, sharing, exploring and transforming.


Thank you Aveyah for expressing your magic the way you do."

-Sabina SoulAlchemist

image_6483441 (1).JPG

"Aveyah is one of my greatest teachers of softness & sweetness in this life. She has shown me how to open my Heart, even when triggered, to feel into the innocence behind all challenging situations & people on my path. 


As I opened myself up to sharing my gifts with the world, she was right there cheering me on, helping me see my own magic more clearly every time doubt paralyzed me.


Her angelic frequency is such a gift in my life, from which I receive the feeling of being seen, appreciated, supported & loved.


This kind of loving reflection is beyond priceless for anyone’s expansion into more self-love & service to the world. It made it possible for me to welcome more of that love into all areas of my life as I started giving it to myself through her teachings.


Thank you so much Vey for the magic of sweetness that you ARE.


Cheers to a life of limitless Love & Magic


-Ashley Alchemist


"Aveyah is such a powerful and beautiful embodiment of liberated love!

Anytime I’m desiring insight into love and relationships… I love turning to her! Her guidance and wisdom are so pure, empowering, and heart opening...


I learn so much from her about love in all its forms!

Love for life, love for self, love for a romantic partner, how to be an incredible friend, sister, daughter, etc; and I learn from her about the power and magic of gratitude, play, and living with an open heart.


This woman is so amazing, as a mentor, teacher, friend and sister. Thank you Aveyah; I love you so!"

-Daniela Gil

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