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Liberated Love

Liberated Love

4 Month Transformational Mentorship

February 13th - June 12th 2022 | Every Sunday @ 11am PST via Zoom


This experience is for you if you are ready to...

✨Embody the next level of your love
Break free from past or current relationship dynamics that no longer serve you
✨ Develop a healthy relationship with your emotions
✨ Reclaim your power from old stories of blame and victimhood
✨ Learn how to fulfill your needs FIRST so that you don't rely on others to feel good
✨ Liberate your heart from unconscious protections that no longer serve you
✨ Understand the mechanism to uncover and transcend limiting beliefs and patterns that limit your experience of love
✨ Break through fears and trauma of past hurt, betrayal or heartbreak
✨ Attract your partner in shine
✨ Create greater harmony, passion, connection and fun within your current relationships
✨ Become THE ONE that you've been longing for
✨ Learn how to tune into your own needs at anytime and more importantly, fulfill them on the spot

Meet Your Mentors


David Lion & Aveyah

My partner in shine, David Lion, is a mystic, channeler, master intuitive, psychic, founder of the Living Magic movement and above all, a shining emanation of unconditional love. His devotion to serving all with the purest heart and the highest integrity is his life’s work. 

I simply couldn't imagine holding space for Liberated Love without my beloved and reflection of divine love, David Lion!

Special Guest

Daniela Gil

Daniela Gil is an international spiritual teacher who is renown for her psychic capacity and the crystalline clarity with which she shares the guidance, insight and energy of the Akashic Records.  


It's my deepest honor to co-create this training with her as we inspire greater love, truth and possibility.

✨  Dates: February 13th - June 12th 2022
✨ 16 week transformational mentorship
✨  16 live zoom sessions | 120 minutes/each
Every Sunday at 11am PST/ 2pm EST
✨ All sessions are recorded and replays are sent via email
✨ Access to the Telegram group chat for added community support from fellow Queens in the group
✨ Special guest transmissions & activations by Daniela Gil


 Regular Price: $3333 USD
Early Bird Price: $2222 USD 

Register Here

Early Bird Registration is $2222 

All sales are final. We thank you for honoring your commitment. 

Excited to expand with you!

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