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Loved by Life Retreat:

Expanding Our Relationship To The Divine

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You’re invited to join Aveyah, Angel of Joy and Daniela, Psychic Intuitive Channel, for a transformative 7-night all-inclusive spiritual retreat in the South of Spain!

July 22nd - 29th

Join us on the southern Mediterranean coast of Màlaga, Spain for a uniquely transformational experience!

Step beyond your edges in love and leadership, and unlock more of your limitless potential!


Come refine and amplify your channel and spiritual gifts to expand your ability to receive and share divine insight.


We will be co-creating a transformative immersion of self-realization and empowerment, where breakthrough group transmissions, active experiences, and channeling await.

Immerse yourself in...

Majestic Mountain View Villa:

Discover serenity in our enchanting accommodations framed by awe-inspiring mountains

Culinary Artistry for the Soul:

Indulge in divine nourishment lovingly crafted by our private gourmet chef

Ecstatic Coastal Experiences:

Rebirth in the sun-drenched crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea

Heart-to-Heart Connections:

Share, heal, and forge deep connections with new soul family 

Curated Ceremonial Wonders:

Move beyond your current edges with intuitively inspired rituals and transformative experiences


We will explore the heights and depths of our beings, where Heaven and Earth come into union, shedding limitation and separation as we embrace and embody our truest, most authentic, liberated selves. 

Come expand your relationship to the divine and REMEMBER HOW DEEPLY LOVED YOU ARE BY LIFE in the South of Spain with us! 

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Deep dive with us and...

  • Open Your Channel: Daily workshops to open your channel and sharpen your ability to tune into divine insight and guidance 

  • Ignite Your Personal Transformation: Receive devotional support to transform aspects of your life that yearn for change

  • Develop Your Spiritual Gifts: Nurture your unique gifts through guided practices

  • Unleash Your Inner Adventurer: Immerse yourself in playful inner and outer exploration amidst Spain's vibrant tapestry

  • Attune to Your Divine Design: Embody even more of your purpose and leadership through breakthrough experiences

  • Transcend Limiting Beliefs: Release and transmute limiting beliefs, fears, and patterns that hold you back through powerful embodiment experiences

  • Move beyond your current edges: Experience profound shifts in consciousness and step into a new level of freedom and authenticity

  • Practice Sharing Your Gifts: Develop confidence in sharing and refining your channel and spiritual gifts with others whilst receiving supportive feedback

  • Deepen in Pure Presence: Awaken to a profound sense of connection, both with yourself and the world around you

  • Empower Your Heart's Brightest Shine: Engage in immersive experiences to embody more of the radiant love & joy of your spirit

Indulge in soul-stirring surprises and experiences including a cacao ceremony, set atop a mountain with a luxurious Moroccan tent, basking under the moonlight and twinkling stars. Surrender to the rhythm of ecstatic dance as you move your body freely, unleashing your inner joy and embracing the sheer pleasure of being alive! Dance under the moonlight and let the music guide you to new heights of self-expression. 

Meet Your Guides...

Daniela Gil

Daniela is a psychic intuitive channel & mentor, here to guide you in the development of your own unique spiritual gifts and deepening your union with God. She channels insight and energy that serves to support you in embodying ever greater love, faith and devotion.


She is the creator of Akashic Metamorphosis, a training that has supported hundreds of students in opening to channel, developing and utilizing their psychic and spiritual gifts and restoring spiritual health.

The foundation and intention for her work is communion with God.



Aveyah is a bringer of joy and light who naturally illuminates love, possibility and magic in others. She is the creator of Liberated Love, a transformational group immersion devoted to becoming the conscious creator of your life and embodying more of your infinite love, passion and potential.

Through her many events, workshops, courses and mentorship programs, Aveyah has supported hundreds in reclaiming their sacred connection to Love & Life, liberating even more of their true essence & shine to live in alignment with their soul's mission and heart. 

She is a multi-passionate creative, artist, channel, mentor and facilitator devoted to Love. Aveyah paves the way to show you how to live entirely from the magic of who you are. 



The magnitude of our love, devotion and service is amplified tenfold.


The complimentary nature of our gifts naturally attunes all to an even deeper receiving & embodiment of who you already are... pure, divine Love.

Our hearts' highest desire is to support the cultivation of your relationship to divinity and living your life in love & purpose.


$3888 USD
Smaller single bed in shared room.
*Payment Plan Available
$4444 USD
Twin or queen size bed in shared room.
*Payment Plan Available
Screen Shot 2023-04-23 at 2.56.42 PM.png
$7777 USD
Your own private suite.
*Payment Plan Available

*Shuttle Service Included to and from Màlaga Costa Del Sol Airport (AGP)

Add on: 3 month integration package $2888

⭐️ Receive two 1:1 sessions/month
(one expansion session with Aveyah & one Akashic session with Daniela)
⭐️ Receive text/voice note support 


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