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Bring Your Culinary Creativity

To The Next Level!

I'm SO excited to finally release this one-of-a-kind course! I am sharing my unique, FUN-filled approach where we take your creative culinary skills from zero to one hundred in NO TIME! This method not only ignited my passion in the kitchen, energized my body and changed my life— it completely transformed who I thought I was almost 7 years ago! The course is focused on plant-based cooking, however, my approach can bring effortless creativity and excitement to any diet! 
  • You're curious about vegan food and would like to incorporate more creative plant-based meals in your diet
  • You eat out a lot, but you want to learn how to find the FUN in cooking
  • You are tired of being at war with food and your body and want to develop a loving and harmonious relationship between yourself and what you eat
  • You get bored of cooking the same foods and want to expand your repertoire of culinary creations 
  • You want to effortlessly maintain a slim figure eating flavor packed foods you'll love 
  • You don't want to be restricted by always following recipes
  • You'd love to go vegan but have no idea where to start
  • You'd love to incorporate more healthy meals in your diet that are quick and delicious
  • You are already vegan but still aren't thriving in the kitchen 
This course is PERFECT for you if... 
 Course Price $499  
 Limited Time only 

Here is what you'll learn! 

Section 1: Setting the Stage to Thrive

  • Finding your "why"
  • How to empower yourself through your choices 
  • How to create a foundation of daily inspiration
  • Building a blossoming & harmonious relationship between food, your body and yourself

Section 2: Exciting Essentials

  • Delicious plant based food groups
  • Ample sources of plant based protein
  • Other important nutrients 
  • Finding the right balance for your needs

Section 3: Let's Get Lit!

  • Stocking your pantry
  • Fridge essentials 
  • Herbs and spices: How to flavor your food like a boss!
  • Life-changing plant based products you might not know of
  • My go-to online list of resources for mouthwatering inspiration

Section 4: Creative Cooking                                                 Experience the magic!

  • How to keep cooking exciting
  • Rethinking your plate is key!
  • The magical formula I created to freestyle all my meals -- no recipes!
  • How to build your plate so you never get bored of what you eat
  • How to do a lot with a little -- Creating possibilities when your fridge/budget is on the low
  • Making a grocery list that gets you super excited to create in the kitchen
  • Awesome weight loss and weight maintenance tips 

Section 5: Let's Have Fun!​

  • My go-to tips and tricks to save time when you're on the go
  • Fifteen of my mouthwatering, flavor packed, creative meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks that will get you going and feeling inspired AF
  • Presentation is key! --Get all your friends and family begging to try your food

Section 6: Bringing it All Together 

  • Bringing it all back to your "why" 
  • Mind, body and spirit --Infusing your newfound inspiration in the kitchen in all aspects of your beautiful being 
  • Meaningful daily practices to treat yourself with love, kindness and appreciation 
105a6216 2.jpg
Want ONE on ONE private coaching with me for guaranteed exponential growth for your mind, body and soul?
I offer transformational support tailored to your individual needs. Whether you're looking to enhance your current diet with more healthy creative plant-based meals or determined to go 100% vegan, I would love to support you and make your journey powerful, exciting and ultimately life changing!
This includes...
  • My one-of-a-kind Creative Cooking course ($499 value)
  • Unlimited text & voice messaging support
  • 1 Activation Session/week
  • Intuitive support for exponential growth
One on One Coaching  
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