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MY INTENTION in sharing these HEARTFELT blog entries is to INSPIRE ALL, myself included, to fully EMBRACE every part of who WE ARE and to courageously SHINE the LIGHT that we ALL are.
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pure liberation

April 19th, 2020



This is what I felt yesterday morning when I brought myself through this incredibly healing experience.


It had honestly been weeks of build up. Everyday, trigger after trigger after trigger. I was completely and utterly exhausted, emotionally, mentally and physically. I knew something BIG was wanting to shift because everything I was feeling everyday was becoming almost unbearable!


My best friend David Lion had taught me this incredible method he channeled called Soul Medicine on how to turn trauma into freedom. He had led me through the experience before, it was incredible, but this time I was solo, in my bed, freshly woken up in the morning ☀️


As I closed my eyes and allowed myself to wander and revisit some memories, I slowly realized how inaccurate the stories I had been telling myself were. I was brought to tears when I realized how some of the most painful memories I carried were in reality embedded with the outmost LOVE and care for me.


And then suddenly, it’s as though the veil was lifted.


I finally saw the TRUTH, and boy did it set me FREEEEE! ✨🦋


I felt so incredibly grateful for this new found space inside myself, for this liberation point I had so deeply desired for the longest time.


It’s nothing short of magical, that just like that, we can be reborn again!


A new person with a new heart, a new perspective with greater acceptance, greater love and greater trust in Life than ever before 💖

My heart is overflowing with gratitude 💖


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The channel of creation 

April 12th, 2020

“The channel of Creation does not discriminate, it sees beauty and art in everything we experience.”  


This is the download I got after spending the entire day feeling my emotions densely stuck in my chest...


And then just like that, I wrote a song and I let the emotions and message flow through me. I wrote a heart-opening, healing song I would have loved to listen to today. But it didn’t exist yet, so I had to write it ❤️


And now, it’ll become a gift to so many more who will use it’s healing vibration to find their way back to their hearts, as I did. 🙏🏽


“The channel of Creation does not discriminate, it sees beauty and art in everything we experience.”


-Aveyah 👑

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welcome home aveyah

February 29th, 2020

My housewarming gift from Spirit ✨🦋

This was one of those RAW, LIBERATING moments that just happened so magically ✨ 

I woke up yesterday morning from a dream with a song playing in the background called “When Did Love Become A Dirty Word”. It’s an unreleased song by Jacob Luttrell that I’ve heard him and his band perform quite a few times. This song, is the type of song you hear ONCE, and never forget. At least that was my experience of it. It just speaks to the core of our humanity. 

And for some reason, it was playing in my dream as I was waking up! So I remembered that I had a recording of it on my phone from one of their shows. So I got up, wild hair and bare faced, and I played it on my speakers. 

The music activated something in me that was wanting to be seen and freed. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I suddenly saw aspects of myself I hadn’t EVER given love to... aspects of myself that were just begging to be seen, loved and liberated. I broke down crying, seeing my wholeness in a way I hadn’t ever before. 

I started dancing, and the more I danced, the more I cried and the more I cried and danced, the more liberated I became. 

I felt every cell in my body screaming out to me, “Just love me. See me. Love me as I am.” And as I let my body move and flow with the music, I did just that. 

And just like that, in an instant, I witnessed myself in all my vulnerability and beauty of the present moment and gave myself the unconditional love and devotion I had so deeply wanted from a man for so long. 

The message I received was...
Welcome Home, Aveyah ❤️

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happy love day

February 14th, 2020

Happy LOVE day to this QUEEN right here ✨👑


Thank you for always loving me even when I didn’t know how to love myself 🙏🏽


Thank you for being my ride or die since DAY ONE! 🙏🏽


Thank you for being a compassionate friend in moments when I’ve felt alone or afraid 🙏🏽


And thank you for being the GREATEST relationship I have ever been in 🙏🏽


I SEE you ❤️

I HONOR you ❤️

I LOVE you ❤️

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i am here

October 16th, 2019

May the ROOTS of my being be anchored in the HEART of my SPIRIT ❤️


May my human experience be a reflection of my DIVINE potential 😌🙏🏽


No holding back.


I am here ✨


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when the storm hits

September 29th, 2019

How to EMPOWER yourself when you’re feeling POWERLESS? 🤔


Frustrated? Irritated? Hurt? Sad? Heartbroken?


Just feeling crappy but don’t know why?


Start by slowing down & ACKNOWLEDGING how you ACTUALLY feel in the moment. Forget trying to convince yourself that things are not that bad or even trying to see the purpose of it all...just FEEL. Feel yourself exactly where you’re at.


Next, LISTEN to what your feelings are wanting to communicate. It’s easy to soak up all the feelings we love to experience, but truth is, the feelings we don’t generally prefer ALSO want a voice! They are ultimately trying to bring more ALIGNMENT in our life, meaning more of all the things we DO want! Yay!! 😍 So welcome them with love and curiosity! 💖


SHOW UP for yourself the way you would for your best friend ❤️


Be GENTLE & COMPASSIONATE with yourself...after all, you are the only one who knows just how hard this is for you! 🤷🏽‍♀️


Leave all the JUDGEMENT at the door! *This an important one! 🤓 Would you ever tell your die hard bestie that the hurt or pain that he/she is feeling is completely ridiculous & that they just need to get over themselves?!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Ya...I didn’t think so! So don’t let any of that nonsense ever make its way into your head or heart! You always deserve love, ALWAYS! ❤️ So be the first to give it to yourself 😌


Notice your INTENTION. Often times, we try & escape how we feel by distracting ourselves with work or play, or we try & find ways to silence or fix things because we’ve never been taught how to just BE with ourselves. When really, all that does is create more tension and resistance around the feeling. Meaning, you’re making it worst! 🤦🏽‍♀️


Instead, give your feelings SPACE to breathe, a VOICE to speak, TIME to be acknowledged & LISTEN to them with curiosity & compassion the way you would with a child. They are actually wanting to gift you with more clarity, freedom, alignment, love & abundance ✨


So do yourself a favor, ditch the whole idea of “good vs bad feelings” and embrace EVERY part of you that shows up on any given day because its ultimately there to SERVE you, EMPOWER you & set you FREE 🦋✨



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Lost & found

September 22nd, 2019

I’ve had a long history of choosing a man over myself.


And not the best type of guy either! 🤦🏽‍♀️


I use to be so “in love” in a relationship, that I would COMPLETELY loose myself. I thought that putting someone ahead of my own wants and desires was what true love meant. Selflessness and sacrifice is the way to go, right? Umm... WRONG!


I eventually realized that all that did, was make me chase validation and fulfillment through another person’s “love”. And the moment they decided to leave (which they always did!), they ALSO left with my ENTIRE sense of self. Yaaaaa... No bueno! 😑


Divine Union takes on a very different meaning for me now. It’s the union between myself and my Spirit.


Meaning, my unconditional devotion to being ALL of who I am NO MATTER WHAT.


I truly believe that LOVE is the highest frequency of FREEDOM, and can only be truly experienced in it’s most sacred forms when it comes from within FIRST. . . Being the FULL spectrum of who we are is truly the greatest GIFT we can ever give ourselves, our loved ones and the planet. Of course, this takes a tremendous amount of courage, self awareness and devotion. All of which are unwavering for me.


Standing in my TRUTH and choosing that, no matter what. No matter how SCARY, how UNCOMFORTABLE it may be, or who I may loose along the way. . . Trust me when I say, it’s SCARY AF sometimes. Letting go. Trusting that how things are unfolding IS in fact leading me to everything I want and MORE?!! Yeah, it can be challenging. But, it’s always worth it.


Life has ALWAYS only ever given me MORE of everything I want, every time I have chosen myself.


So I’m gonna keep choosing me, time and time again, until it becomes SO automatic, it’s just second nature!


This is my MISSION and GIFT to myself, my future husband, my loved ones and the planet ❤️


Cheers to new beginnings ✨🦋


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May 21st, 2019



“I’m an ARTIST. I’m a singer, dancer, sister, woman.”


It seems like we all find LABELS to help others & ourselves define who we are.


The last year for me as an “ARTIST”has been incredibly rewarding & challenging all at the same time. I found my music dreams unfolding before me! Spent hours in the studio, recorded my first EP, connected with grammy award winning songwriters & producers, launched my first music videos, got on Spotify, traveled to Costa Rica for an amazing Music Retreat opportunity, & the list goes on.


Somehow, amidst all the momentum, something felt OFF.


As I listened & learned from these incredible high level music industry execs, I couldn’t help but wonder if I fit the mold? They all seem to speak the same language:“hustle, push, grind…” Which ultimately had me putting an INSANE amount of PRESSURE on myself & inevitably ended up killing my inspiration towards my own musical creativity. I honestly tortured my soul for months doing this.


Fast forward to today, I realized that all too often we get caught in our LABELS. If you’re a songwriter, then you absolutely SHOULD be spending ALL your time doing JUST that! Right? Umm…WRONG!


Putting that much pressure on anything will do just the opposite. The moment I allowed myself to be the FULL spectrum of my multi-passionate self, is when I opened the floodgates to sharing ALL of my shine with the world, & not just a part of it.


Does that mean I gave up on music? Never.


Will I release new music? Absolutely!


Music is one of the most natural expressions of my being, but it also isn’t the ONLY one.


Life is bursting with abundance, & so am I!


My desire is to share ALL of myself with the world.


That is my purpose.



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Highest love

April1st, 2019

One of the most powerful things I have learned to date, is that the HIGHEST LOVE knows no fear, no attachment, no hold, no restrictions, no pressure, no judgement.


It is simply FREE to BE.


To be its HIGHEST expression in all its forms.


Sounds pretty incredible, right? The tricky part in this heavenly formula, is that you must first move through your own fears, pressure, holds, restrictions, and judgments before you are fully able to receive that level of divine love from another. In other words, you can’t fully receive what you haven’t already given yourself.


Now ridding yourself of all these holds may sound challenging, and that’s because IT IS! 🤷🏽‍♀️


The life baggage and conditionings we carry, is REAL! But I assure you, that if you have the DEVOTION to it, it absolutely CAN be done and it will LIBERATE and EMPOWER you beyond belief.


My hope, is that my LOVE journey inspires POSSIBILITY in you too. 

Much Love, 



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November 1st, 2018



My EP “Rising” is LIVE on ALL STREAMING platforms!!! ❤️😭❤️


The official MUSIC VIDEO for "Rising" is live on my YouTube channel...


And it all just feels like a DREAM come true 💫


This moment has been such a monumental mile stone for me, I can’t even begin to share what it took to get here ✨ I am so grateful for everyone who has been there to support me along this journey, I couldn’t have made it this far, this fast, without you 🙏🏽❤️


Special shoutout first and foremost to my amazing family, your love and support means everything to me 💖


Major thanks to my producer and dear friend Braxton for making this entire project come together and for always meeting me with light and love through all the twists and turns! I love you 🙏🏽❤️


Thank you to my soul mentor and most magical best friend David Lion. None of this would be possible had you not came back into my life and changed the course of it forever, and shown me who I truly am. The love I have for you is unbridled, unconditional ✨


Shoutout to my best bud Garik Linnastruth for believing in me since day one. You’ve been there for me through all the ups and downs of my journey, and your love and support means the world to me. I’m so blessed to have you in my life 🙏🏽❤️


And to anyone and everyone who has been there who I haven't named, encouraging and supporting me either through my entourage or simply supporting through my social media, THANK YOU.


You motivate me to keep shining and spreading the love and joy I feel in my spirit and in my heart 🦋


I love you 💖



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Best relationship ever

August 15th, 2018

Learning to LOVE MYSELF has been by far one of the most POWERFUL ongoing experiences in my life to date 💖


When I stopped trying to be someone I’m not (tough, rigid and in control) and embraced my soft yet strong, silly, go-with-the-flow childlike heart, my world COMPLETELY transformed 💫


People around me often wonder how I radiate so much joy and happiness if I’m still single?! Haha! There MUST BE something wrong with me, right?! lol I mean, why else would I be single?? 😂


Truth is, I am in a relationship! 

It’s honestly the BEST relationship I’ve ever been in!

The one I have with myself! 💖


Only a KING 👑 would see the depths of my soul, the light in my heart and the beauty of my free spirit ❤️ So until I meet my KING to join forces with me, this Queen will continue to shine bright and let her essence lead the way ✨🎶


Everything happens in divine timing ✨


Trust and let go of control, and you’ll be handed the life (and love!) of your dreams in perfect synchronicity 💖


Your journey is there to prepare you for what is to come 💫 


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Journey to self love

May 30th, 2018

 Like many girls & guys alike, I used to find a MILLION things wrong about my appearance...


I thought my eyes weren’t big enough, my nose was too wide, my skin wasn’t flawless, my breasts were too small, not to mention how much I hated my curly hair so I used to straighten it everyday, & really, the list goes on! 😳 Yep... that used to be me 💔


It took me 3 years of intentionally trying to understand what it meant to truly LOVE... me! What it meant to make ME happy!? After all, if I didn’t know, how could I expect someone else to?


So I chose not to take on any relationships during this time because for once in my life, I wanted to cultivate my most important relationship, the one I have with myself. . .


This was by far no easy task! There were moments of deep loneliness and many tears shed. But amidst all of it, I broke free of my caterpillar cocoon & realized I was meant to be a butterfly all along!


I realized that being alone wasn’t synonymous of being lonely. Quite the contrary, I began to crave my own company solo! I took myself out on fun dates, gave myself genuine compliments when I looked in the mirror, and changed my internal dialogue. Simply put, I shifted my energy to focus on being as kind, loving and caring to myself as I am with those around me ❤️


This journey to self-love was nothing short of transformational. It completely changed how I experience my everyday life, and allowed me to step into a much higher version of myself, including unlocking many of my gifts. . .


Today, I can confidently say that I truly and deeply love the person I see in the mirror. When I look at my reflection, all I see is a Queen 👑 So it’s my job to treat myself like one! ❤️


Do I ever have bad days? Of course!


Do I catch myself thinking negative thoughts about myself sometimes? For sure! I’m human!


The difference is, I now hold the key to my own happiness and the only person that can take it away or return it, is myself. Now that’s empowering! 💫


May you experience the light that shines deep within so that you may shine bright even in the darkest places 💖 Let your BEAUTY SHINE from the inside out ALWAYS✨


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Angel in the sky

May 22nd, 2018

I had my dog Ramsey for 15 years, from 10 to 25 years of age. His passing, as painful as it was, was also the catalyst that ultimately led me to leave my entire life in Montréal behind me. I quit my career job, sold all my stuff and booked a one way ticket to San Diego, a city I had never been to and didn’t know a single soul 😳✈️ 🇺🇸 I had no job lined up, no apartment to move into, not even a car to get around. Just some suitcases, a motel room and a heart full of hopes, dreams, heartache... and a HELL of A LOT of FEAR!!! 😱


I had NO IDEA what I was going to do once I got here, where I was going to live or how I was going to make money... I just knew that my beloved city of Montréal had given me everything it had to offer, and it was time for me to spread my wings and FLY ⛰ ☀️


It was hands down the CRAZIEST thing I’ve EVER done in my life. By FAR the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever taken. And it also turned out to be the best decision of my life ❤️


There was NOTHING easy about leaving the only life I had ever known behind, including my entire family, and especially my sweet 7 year old brother 😭💔 But life had bigger plans for me. And well, before I ever knew what those were, I trusted, because the feeling was so strong.


Fast forward 3 years, I live in an adorable beach cottage, steps away from the ocean, I have my own business and pursue my passion for music full time ❤️🎶


Were there bumps along the way? HELL YESSSSS!!!

Was it HELLA lonely sometimes?!! INSANELY!!

Did I cry?? More than RIVER!!! ...


But I’d honestly do it all again in a heart beat ❤️


So to anyone who has felt a pull to make a change so BIG, so IRRATIONAL, and so SCARY, my message to you... is TRUST IT 🌟


Your DREAM LIFE awaits


And to my sweet ANGEL Ramsey... thank you for bringing so much light and happiness into my life, even after you left this world. You’ve been a blessing that has never stopped giving ❤️


Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, miss you and wish I could hug you just one last time.

See you in my dreams, Boo 💫


R.I.P. my sweets ✨


Ramseys the Great Egyptian Pharaoh ~ May 22nd 1998 - Nov. 5th 2013

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The magic of Self expression

May 13th, 2018

So many forms of ART reach my soul in ways I simply cannot put into words... 💕


But you might be surprised to know that I didn’t always embrace my artistic creative side AT ALL! 😳


It’s only when I let go of who I thought I needed to be, that I started to become who I truly am. I started by allowing myself to do things that my old self would think were a waste of time... crafting, sewing, building, painting, coloring, writing, creating! This ignited a fire within and made me crave it even more! ✨  


Fast forward a few years, I decide to leave a career that I truly deeply loved for even bigger dreams to pursue my love for music ❤️🎶 Never in a million years did I see my life going in this direction... but if you asked me today, I wouldn’t see my life any other way 💫  


Allow yourself to be curious and explore the parts of you that you may have left in the dark thinking they’re of no use to you anymore.


Explore them, embrace them, reignite them and watch the magic in your life unfold 🌟


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A lesson in Greatness

April 19th, 2018

Don’t let ANYONE ever tell you you CANT do something, especially YOURSELF! 😳


I joined the Men’s Division of the Doubles Beach Volleyball League after feeling I wasn’t challenged enough in the Women’s League... 🏐


YES, I was absolutely SCARED I wasn’t going to measure up (literally! lol)! The NET is much HIGHER, the players hit much HARDER, and the level is more COMPETITIVE. But I knew it would make me a BETTER player... 💪🏽


FIRST season, my partner and I were the UNDERDOGS... And although the odds were against us, we hustled our way to the FINALS during PLAYOFFS and won FIRST PLACE 🥇🏆


Believe in your GREATNESS 💫 


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Advice From a Tree

March 28th, 2018

Channeled advice from a TREE...


Extend your REACH as far as you can.

Stay GROUNDED, but reach for the SKY.

Don’t stop GROWING. 🌱

Feel the STRENGTH and POWER of your GREATNESS as you enjoy the VIEW from up above. 🌳❤️ 



Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 2.43.54 PM.png

Half Shining 

January 27th, 2018

Have you ever felt like only HALF of your inner LIGHT and potential is shining? ✨


I have... I used to work a 9-5 job that I honestly REALLY loved ❤️ Only problem is, I wasn’t able to share the FULLEST expression of who I am. ~ So I took a HUGE risk, and I left a career I truly loved behind for a DREAM so BIG that only someone crazy enough would reach for 💫


And I have to share with you all, that I’ve never looked back since. Sure, my life is filled with beautiful uncertainties and I still have many mountains to move, but I wake up every morning living a dream, in which I am free to be every part of who I am 💖


That is what magic feels like ✨


My wish is to inspire others to experience their own MAGIC 💫  


Special Shoutout to my dear friend Lion for helping me find my way back to my magic ❤️


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