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The Liberated Love Series

A Three-Part Masterclass Series
on Living in Love

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Module 1

How to yield your love, compassion, perspective, and boundaries in a way that opens your heart to a more limitless love

Empowering your relationship with self and Source as the foundation for all other relationships


The magic of full expression and listening with the heart


Module 2

Taking radical responsibility and discerning between self and the other

Transmuting anger and rage 

Letting go of attachment, coercion, and manipulation in relationship

Learning to recognize when/how we may be keeping love away


Bringing light to the places within where power plays & conflict come from

Reprogramming our internal dialogue


Ending karmic cycles and patterns

Navigating relationship transitions and breakups

Module 3

Divine union and it's true meaning

What union requires (what it means to embrace duality as One)

How to navigate inner conflict in love


How to consciously navigate conflict with another 

Embracing light and shadow in self and the other

Attracting your divine partner


Exciting Bonus!

LL Book Cover.png
Liberated Love
Masterclass Discovery Book

This discovery book is designed to support your empowerment and transformation in reclaiming and embodying more of your infinite love.

It is meant as a reference point and self-inquiry tool to serve you as needed on your evolutionary path. It is best utilized as a supplement to the three video modules.

You will find a wealth of prompts, practices, self-inquiry questions, powerful exercises that have been curated to support you in further empowering yourself on your ever expanding journey in limitless love. 

for a limited time only

You'll get...

  • Three pre-recorded video modules (4 hours of content)

  • The Liberated Love Discovery Book to deepen your practice (26 pages)

  • Expansion in Love (priceless!) 

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As a gift from my heart to yours...


OMG Yassss Please!

Happy expanding!

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