Liberated Love

4 Month Transformational Mentorship

Liberated Love

✨ Divine Feminine Edition 

February 13th - June 12th 2022 | Every Sunday @ 11am PST via Zoom


This edition of Liberated Love is for the conscious woman looking to experience new embodied heights of freedom, magic, joy, fire, intimacy, connection and empowerment in ALL her relationships...
Starting with her relationship to herself 


This experience is for you if you are ready to...

✨Embody the next level of your love
Break free from past or current relationship dynamics that no longer serve you
✨ Develop a harmonious relationship with your emotions
✨ Reclaim your power from old stories of blame and victimhood
✨ Learn how to fulfill your needs FIRST so that you don't rely on others to feel good
✨ Liberate your heart from unconscious protections that no longer serve you
✨ Understand & apply the formula to uncover and transcend limiting beliefs and patterns that limit your experience of love, intimacy & magic
✨ Break through fears and trauma of past hurt, betrayal or heartbreak
✨ Attract your partner in shine or expand into greater alignment with your current beloved
✨ Create greater harmony, passion, connection and fun within your current relationships
✨ Become THE ONE that you've been longing for (like REALLY though!)
Are you ready to EMBODY LOVE like never before?

Are you ready to 
feel ALIVE, JOYFUL & LIMITLESS in your relationships?


We can't wait to EXPAND & TRANSFORM together!

Queen, this is for you if...

You are a natural giver, you love showing up and being of service to others but are often left feeling unseen and underappreciated

You feel very accomplished in many areas of your life, but you still struggle to feel truly liberated and deeply fulfilled in love and relationships 

You feel a profound yearning for deeper intimacy, passion, inspiration, fire, connection and devotion in your relationships to others and yourself 

You notice the same recurring themes/issues appearing in your relationships and are feeling at a loss how to move beyond them 

You often put your loved ones needs ahead of your own

You crave to unleash your inner wild woman and let go of what people think, people pleasing or who you think you need to be 

You have a strong sense of value in who you are and the immense love you have to offer, but often feel unmatched in the love you receive from your partner and/or loved ones

You are in a relationship with a partner you genuinely love but have been experiencing ongoing challenge that neither of you know how to transform into greater love and liberation

You are single and have been calling in your beloved for some time now, but you still haven’t manifested the type of connection, passion, intimacy and depth you are truly craving to experience with another

You yearn to be loved, held, seen and supported in the way you so naturally love and show up for others

You make excuses for your partner at the expense of yourself

The deeper you craves to be ignited by blissful, fiery love, intimacy and connection

You have been deeply hurt in the past and are reluctant to open your heart fully and vulnerably again and have trouble trusting others

You are going through a breakup or major transition and are ready to step into this next chapter feeling empowered and in love with yourself and life

The unbelievable highs as well as the shattering lows in your current or past relationships have been incredibly taxing on your emotional body and have left you wondering how to bring harmony and balance to it all

You know that there is so much more of your untapped love, liberation and potential that you have yet to experience and gift to yourself and the world

You are driven by the amazing work that you do, but you still feel a void that money, success and material belongings have not been able to fill

We live in a world that teaches us a very distorted and toxic perception of what love is. One that does not teach us to FIRST build a deeply intimate and fulfilling relationship with ourselves, but instead has us constantly seeking to fulfill our needs outside of ourselves. A never ending chase that certainly can have its highs, but in the end only ever leads to feeling depleted, disconnected and deeply unsatisfied. 
The way you show up for yourself IN LOVE impacts absolutely EVERY aspect of your life whether you are conscious of it or not. It is directly impacting ALL FORMS OF ABUNDANCE in your life, be it your finances, health, intimate relationships, friendships, connections, sex, building community, etc. The extent to which your love is liberated and limitless within yourself is in direct proportion to how much joy, bliss, creativity, inspiration and abundance you experience in ALL facets of your life.
If you are ready to come face to face with all the parts of yourself that no longer serve you, alchemize them through your own divine love and compassion and make the necessary changes to step into a whole new empowered version of yourself and your external reality… Then this 4 month transformational immersion is for YOU! 

We are here to support your deepest desires & wildest dreams in LIBERATING your TRUE LOVE within. 

Your life truly CAN be a reflection of the INFINITENESS of your being. 


You ARE Love. 


You ARE Magic.


You ARE Divine.

Meet Your Mentors

Aveyah & Lion

Hi angel, my name is Aveyah.

My embodiment is one of magical joy and sweet, playful love.


My Passion?

Supporting you in reclaiming your power through the portal of your heart so that you may experience yourself as your greatest love of all time... living, breathing and creating your reality from this infinite space of joy & possibility. 


Whats up! My name is David Lion.

 I'm a mystic, channeller, master intuitive, hypnotist, founder of the Living Magic movement and above all, a shining emanation of magic and love.

My passion?

Supporting you in embodying your higher self, liberating your heart, and mastering your spiritual gifts.

Together, we have evolved through many iterations of our love. We've experienced each other in our brightest light as well as our darkest shadows. And the ONE thing that has perpetually elevated us in ever expanding states of love with one another is our unwavering devotion to the highest love possible. A love that knows no boundaries, that is infinite, limitless and truly unconditional in nature.


Through our trials and tribulations, we've embodied countless freedom codes in love and relationship that we are SO excited to share with you all!

Our intention? 



For you to experience the magic of your own love and power like never before & for your devotion and embodiment of Love to be so strong that your external reality has no choice but to reflect this new, more liberated, passionate and joyful version of yourself!  


We are BEYOND excited and deeply honored to get to know you, expand, transform and co-create this experience with you, Queen. 

Special Guests
Image by Darius Bashar

Curious about what we will dive into? Here are just some of the juicy themes we will explore and expand on together… 

  • Becoming the love that you seek: Laying the foundation

  • Returning home to yourself - Daily practices that will transform your life

  • Releasing stories & beliefs: Opening the portal of your heart to receive abundantly 

  • Learning to move through triggers in an expansive and harmonious way 

  • Taking radical responsibility 

  • Letting go of blame and taking back your power

  • Communicating from the heart for greater harmony

  • Activating your most authentic, fullest expression

  • Dancing with the divine: Becoming the conscious creator of your dream reality 

  • Cultivating unshakable trust in your Knowing 

  • Letting go of defensiveness & protection 

  • Prioritizing your vibration: What you feel, you attract

  • Ending karmic cycles

  • Attuning to harmony even amidst challenge and turmoil

  • Liberating yourself from attachment, codependency and control 

  • Dancing with your shadows to transmute them into your greatest superpower

  • Moving past trust issues once and for all 

  • Embodying true intimacy, fiery passion and connection

  • Ending the perpetual & depleting quest of seeking outside of yourself

  • Identifying your needs and fulfilling them as they come up 

  • Tapping into the true power of forgiveness

  • Breaking free from past wounds that continue to affect your current relationships

  • Letting go of expectations to make space for more magic & miracles to come through

  • Liberating more of your love to naturally expand your abundance in all forms

✨  Dates: February 13th - June 12th 2022
Every Sunday at 11am PST/2pm EST (sacred pause on Sunday April 17th)


Lotus Bundle


Early bird special:
Register before Dec 25th


You'll get...

✨ 16 weeks of immersive transformational mentorship & community

✨ 16 live zoom sessions | 120 minutes/each

✨ Access to Aveyah's Masterclass "Returning Home to Yourself: Daily Practices That Will Transform Your Life"

✨ The Liberated Love Exercise Book (sent as a PDF)

✨ Access to all the replays in case you miss any 

✨ Special guest transmissions & activations by Oren Harris, Chelsea Jo Huntsman & Daniela Gil

*Payment Plan Available

Image by Fuu J

Rose Bundle


Early bird special:
Register before Dec 25th


You'll get everything in the Lotus bundle AND...

✨ 1-on-1 level support with 4 private one hour sessions via zoom with Aveyah & Lion (1 session/month for the duration of the immersion) to further support you in your most embodied transformation throughout the program (10k value)

*Payment Plan Available

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